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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Maybelienes Sheep part 1

This is a story I have been writing for the past couple of weeks in the creative writing group on Fridays called Maybelienes sheep, it is quite different from all the other things I have posted but i hope you enjoy reading it.


'What a good way to make a first impression' said Maybeliene sitting on a fence that over looked a large sheeping penn.

'Its not often I go out on dates' she spoke with a thick lumpen accent, wearing a pearly skirt and thick woven shall, with blonde curls lolloping over the top.

The sheep just glared at her whilst they munched on the green grass.

she sighed 'Oh I dont get many admirers in this place' she looked eye tot eye with the sheep. Its eyes looked empty and glass like, you know how sheep's eyes usually look, but secretly it was planning away, as sheep can be very deceiving.

'Life just seems to suck away here, you know like the sands of time' she said staring off into the distance. 'what would you know your just farm animals' she sighed.

Maybeliene lived on a farm right out in the middle of nowhere, nowhere being a massive stratosphere. she bemoaned being stuck out in the middle of nowhere, on a farm with her mum and dad being the only humans around, and a flock of around 1000 sheep.

A voice rang out from the rickety farm house, 'Maybeliene its Supper time'
'Coming' she said leaping up and skipping off towards the little rickerty tin shack that was the farm house.

'I'll see you later'

The sheep then huddled together. 'The coast is clear' said one of the sheep, then they all began to stretch their bodies and stand on their hind legs.

'God I feel sour, after standing on all four legs and this grass ' said a big muscley sheep

'You should have been listening to the poor lass'

'We must do something to help her' said one sheep with a concerned tone in the voice.

'she's been going on about tom for quite sometime'

Tom for those of you who are interested was the name of Maybelienes date, he was a handsome young chap who was new to the area. Tom came from place called Somewhere, which is completely different to Nowhere, as it has lots of big buildings. where as Nowhere has well er nothing of the sort.

He actually lived right on the border of Nowhere and Somewhere, because he still had business dealings in Somewhere.

'These darn humans cant hear us all they can hear is unmitigated bleating'

'I have an idea, why don't we writer him a letter from her'

'But there is one problem, we don't have a pen or paper'

'not to worry I have a cunning plan'

Now if you ever hear a sheep say that last phrase then you should be very afraid as usually things can go very wrong.

So later that that night after the sun had set, the sheep surrounded the farm house, it looked very quiet in the house, not even the mice were stiring.

'Right so I have to go in there and nabb a piece of paper and a pen' barked one of the sheep in a orderly fashion. 'Butter cup and Randy give me the all clear'

'Righteo Sean' they bleated.

Sean was the most adventurous sheep, at time admittedly he was a bit gung ho a bit like a sheep variation of Rambo. he always had to take charge of every situation

'All clear'

Sean crept forward through the front door that had bee left a jar. creeping through the house he bundled into things, because you see sheep dont have very good balance. Easy does it he thought to himself as he poked his head into a low lit room, with a flickering TV and a thick tweed couch that held up both of of Maybelienes parents who were fast asleep, slumped together.

Sean eyed a small office desk in the corner, which had a pad of paper and pen out on top. 'Bingo' he said to himself as he edged towards the desk, snatching pen and paper. But of course sheep dont have hands, so you imagine that picking things up are quite difficult.

There was an almighty crash as he had flung himself at the desk. Luckily for Sean Maybelienes parents were still fast asleep on the couch. Maybelienes parents are really heavy sleepers, so heavy that they have slept through hurricanes and earthquakes. you name it they have slept through it, aeroplane crashes.

Phew he thought to himself that could have bee close.

He managed to nab a pen and piece of paper in his mouth and pass by Maybelienes room. Her door was open and Sean poked his head through into her room, casting his eyes over her sleeping body on a thick sagging bed that was struggling to contain the mattress that she lay on.

Bless her, she really is trying her best he thought to himself with a fond heart. maybelienes room was no different to any ordinary girls room really with photos and posters of her idles strewn all over her walls.

He then noticed both Buttercup and Randy peering through a window opposite the bed, he signalled for them to leave as he turned to make his way out of the house.

The very next day Dawn came around as per usual, waking up everbody with its morning sunshine. Sean organised the sheep so that they could write the letter, he had several sheep hold down the piece of paper whilst he grappled the pen in his mouth, he made it look like the sheep were grazing.

Sean had deployed Randy and Buttercup as look outs as they were pretty much the only sheep in the flock who were good at alerting the other sheep of any danger.

'right how should we start this letter?' Sean asked the other sheep

'I think most humans start with the word dear,dont they?'

Sean just stood thinking for a few seconds, 'Dear, Der, Dear, der, dear, or Der, Dear Der' was floating through his head, as he proceeded to write the letter. As you could imagine the writing was pretty shaky,I mean have you ever written with your mouth. It was like an endless mind game for Sean.

well anyway he carefully guided himself around the letters.

'I swear those sheep are up to something!' said Maybelienes dad staring out of the kitchen window across the sheep field.

'In what way dear?' queried his wife who was serving up breakfast

'I dont know! but they are acting a bit weird' he said staring at Maybeliene as she hoofed down the breakfast which consisted of maple waffles and syrup.

'Maybeliene make sure you chew propperly because we dont want you getting that gut rot again.

These words went un noticed as she pile driven food down her throat.

'Right I am off to play with the sheep' she said before sprinting out of the door.

'Quick hide the letter' shouted Randy and Buttercup as they could see Maybeliene running towards them in scary abundance of glee.

This facial expression dear reader would strike fear into most animals hearts, as she set about playing with the sheep until the evening.

The Evening came about and the sheep huddled together.

'Right,this is the finished letter' said Sean producing a scruffy piece of paper covered in shoddy writing, it wont be made clear what was written until later in the story.

'How are we going to get this to him?' asked one of the other sheep.

'Well' Sean paused for thought @We are going to hav e to deliver it to him ourselvs aren't we' he said puffing out his chest.

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  1. Scary abundance of glee? I love it - can't wait to hear what happens next.