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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Memoirs of the Tuxcedo: Maybelienes Sheep part 3

Memoirs of the Tuxcedo: Maybelienes Sheep part 3: "Sheep happen to be very lucky animals, as they had just stumbled across the house that Tom lived in. Sean stared down at the house, with hi..."

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Maybelienes Sheep part 3

Sheep happen to be very lucky animals, as they had just stumbled across the house that Tom lived in.

Sean stared down at the house, with his eyes twitching taking in every detail. he noticed that was a big widow open in the roof of the house, which also just happened to be above toms bed.

He paused for thought as a stiff breeze ruffled through his neck, 'How do we get down there?' he was thinking.

'How are we going to get the letter down there?' asked the other sheep.

Now sheep arent just lucky animals, but they are also are quite excellent at hauding things. They would often raid the farm shed usually taking the entire contents that they would sneak out tools hidden under their wool.

The sheep were so crafty that Maybelienes family did not notice them sneaking out of the farm shed, I mean seriously they would not notice a thing. Maybelienes dad would often moan about having to go and replace all the tools in his shed.

'who are these damn fiends?' ho would often shout out loud at the sight of a freshly emptied shed. this would often cause him to go into a stress because it meant that he had to go into the land of somewhere to find replacements.

Of course no one would expect an animal like a sheep to take his tools for they are flea bitten animals.

Sean had earlier raided the farm shed, and he had come across a large roll of rope

'well, I have an idea!' he said puffing out his chest 'you see this long pile of rope I have this long role of rope'.


'And you see that tree over there over hanging the cliff' he said pointing to a burnt out tree that over hang the edge of the cliff.

'Yes' pondered the other sheep

'Well with this rope and all of your strength then you can lift me. and i bet that trees strong enough to take my weight' he said eyeing up the tree.

'Yes and'

'Well you can tie me up in the rope cant you?'

'Ah yeah'

So they set about trying to tie Sean up in the rope. now as you can imagine for a creature with no hands then tying things up are quite difficult, infact it almost turned into mission impossible with various sheep almost choking because of getting the rope caught around their necks as they were trying to hold Sean down.

'Keep steady Sean'

'Ah your strangling me' he said almost furiously as he he started to buck around.

after a while he was successfully tied up all ready to be lowered down the cliff. all of the other sheep grappled the rope in their mouths, even the lambs who could hardly even fit the rope in their mouths were grappling hold of it!

The tree helped take the strain of the rope as they were ready to lift Sean up into the air.

'Are you sure this can take your weight Sean?' asked randy looking inquisitively at the burnt out

'of course it will' he said with careless I know every thing tone in his voice


'Well I am not that heavy I am as light as feather1' now this was certainly an understatement as even though Sean was quite light the last time he was weighed, it was a year ago.

Maybelienes dad used to weigh the sheep once a year, just to keep for records sake. its fair to say Sean had put on quite a bit of weight. He secretly had quite a sweet tooth and was addicted to Chcolate Chip Cookies, he couldnt resist having a nibble on them.

he would often go in search of them in the farmhouse kitchen, leaving behind a messy state in the kitchen he was completely addicted.

So the sheep heaved and just about managed to lift Sean off of the, and Sean then managed to swing himself so that they could lower him down.

'Right now thrn lower me down nice gentle please?'

and so they lowered Sean down the cliff face

'Watch it!' shouted sean as he was almost in inadvertently swung into the Cliff face

sean was admitedly starting to be overcome by the feeling of responcibility as he could see the open window on the roof of the house getting nearer and nearer.

He felt like as if it was starting to become a now or never style situation, there was no bottling it now!

Running through his head were a myriad of thoughts, like is this the right place? and can I really carry this off?

As the window came closer his ears began to be pinned back with fear and a nervouse tension.

He quite literally squeezed through the open window, he could see a young lad lying on a scruffled bed.

toms room was your adverage lads room really, messy with clothes piled everywhere ans posters of various idols lined his walls.

Sean was lowered down so he hovered only inches above the bed. Sean then span himself around so he could drop the letter on a near by bedside cabinet and so he dropped the letter off

'I'm ready hoist me up' he hollered up at the other sheep.

Now sheep can be a little slow at reacting to things sometimes, so they let him hang for a while.

This could admittedly been quite embarrassing, as he was hanging only inches above toms head, I mean what would have happened if he had waken up with Sean hovering above his head. it could have been really embarrassing
'Oi get me up' he shouted

And after while they hoisted him up, thwacking his head against the frame of the open window.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Maybelienes Sheep part 2

Sean rounded up the other sheep just after sunset and lead them off over the hills, you it is important for the farmer not to see them leave as it would cause the farmer to be anxious.

But off they went, over the hills, trundling along the roads and trudging through swamp filled paths.

'Do you know where we are going?' asked one of the sheep.

'Of course I know where I am going, I know this area like the back of my fleece' Sean replied in typical bullish fashion. Of course he really has no clue as to where he was going, its just the usual male matcho bravado of must bee right all the time and never admit to being lost. In that way sheep share a lot with certain human beings with the males claiming to be the dominant ones.

After a while they came to a big wood and by this point the sheep were hopelessly lost.

They pass a tree where a Torney Owl purched, standing up on high in the branches

'Excuse me' bleated the Sheep.

The Owl twitched 'Twita-who are you?', he said as his beaded eyes scaled over the sheep.

The Owls are considered to be the brightest animals around and have an infinite knowledge of this land, they will literally know everything about the land.

'Do you know the way to Toms place?' asked Sean

'Its twit-a-woo miles over that way and far, far away. Over the hills in Mandaley' the owl said with an outstretched wing pointing to a thicket hill.

'Thank you' said the sheep.

So off they went with Sean taking the lead as they began to make the upward climb up the steep slope of the hill, making their way through rough foliage and scaling rocky faces.

Sean was doing his best to keep all everyone of the sheep in check.

'Are you alright?' He shouted to the back of the flock when scaling a particularly sharp drop.

He knew it was important to keep the sheep together as wolves lurked in the woods.

'Sean we need a break as the nippers are tired' said one sheep referring to her lambs. So they stopped on the edge of a near by brook where they took a short rest.

Sean was admittedly a sheep who took responsibility to heart. This admittedly did make him at times a bit paranoid as he watched over the flock, flinching as he kept on thinking that wolves were near by.

He had had bad experiences in the past with the battles with the wolves, they had really scarred him and had made him in way suspicious of all movement.

'Right, wakey, wakey' said Sean poking the other sheep to wake them up.

'We have got to get going' he said as the other sheep took to their feet.

'We cant be too far now as there is a little opening over there, said Sean pointing over to a clearing.

He lead the sheep away from the brook and through the clearing which paved the way for a big open field which was guarded by a battered withern Scare Crow.

'who goes there?' creaked a voice as the Sheep approached The scarecrow.

'We are very lost sheep, looking for Toms place. Do you know where it is?'

The Scarecrow turned its head creating a creaking sound as he mooved

'you see the trail of smoke in the sky coming from the corner of the field'

The sheep looked up and sure enough there was a trail of smoke in the sky coming from one corner of the field. The Sheep were used to seeing lines of smoke coming from the farm house, but they had never see it quite so thick.

'Follow the trail it will lead to his house' said the Scarecrow flailing a withered hand.

'Thank you' said the Sheep.

as they made their way across the field little knowing they were about to come to the border of Somewhere and Nowhere.

Upon the other side of the field the sheep came to a sharp cliff drop. sean peeped his head over the drop following the smoke trail to a house that lay directly bellow the cliff.

Now I know what you are probably thinking, who would be daft enough to build a house directly underneath a cliff? well all I can say is that people were so desperate to be a part of Somewhere that they would quite literally build anywhere. They built on The sides of mountains, buses, Trees, quite literally anywhere. Some poor sod even built a house on top of an aeroplane.

The air was black from all the smoke, the sheep weren't quite used to its intensity.
The longer Sean peered off the edge of the cliff the more he noticed the big buildings in the background towering into the skies.

'Where Are We Sean' asked the Sheep

'We are Somewhere' said sean in a puzzled tone


'You know where, we came from Nowhere so this Must be Somewhere' he said eyeing up the mass forrest of buildings rising up ine distance.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Maybelienes Sheep part 1

This is a story I have been writing for the past couple of weeks in the creative writing group on Fridays called Maybelienes sheep, it is quite different from all the other things I have posted but i hope you enjoy reading it.


'What a good way to make a first impression' said Maybeliene sitting on a fence that over looked a large sheeping penn.

'Its not often I go out on dates' she spoke with a thick lumpen accent, wearing a pearly skirt and thick woven shall, with blonde curls lolloping over the top.

The sheep just glared at her whilst they munched on the green grass.

she sighed 'Oh I dont get many admirers in this place' she looked eye tot eye with the sheep. Its eyes looked empty and glass like, you know how sheep's eyes usually look, but secretly it was planning away, as sheep can be very deceiving.

'Life just seems to suck away here, you know like the sands of time' she said staring off into the distance. 'what would you know your just farm animals' she sighed.

Maybeliene lived on a farm right out in the middle of nowhere, nowhere being a massive stratosphere. she bemoaned being stuck out in the middle of nowhere, on a farm with her mum and dad being the only humans around, and a flock of around 1000 sheep.

A voice rang out from the rickety farm house, 'Maybeliene its Supper time'
'Coming' she said leaping up and skipping off towards the little rickerty tin shack that was the farm house.

'I'll see you later'

The sheep then huddled together. 'The coast is clear' said one of the sheep, then they all began to stretch their bodies and stand on their hind legs.

'God I feel sour, after standing on all four legs and this grass ' said a big muscley sheep

'You should have been listening to the poor lass'

'We must do something to help her' said one sheep with a concerned tone in the voice.

'she's been going on about tom for quite sometime'

Tom for those of you who are interested was the name of Maybelienes date, he was a handsome young chap who was new to the area. Tom came from place called Somewhere, which is completely different to Nowhere, as it has lots of big buildings. where as Nowhere has well er nothing of the sort.

He actually lived right on the border of Nowhere and Somewhere, because he still had business dealings in Somewhere.

'These darn humans cant hear us all they can hear is unmitigated bleating'

'I have an idea, why don't we writer him a letter from her'

'But there is one problem, we don't have a pen or paper'

'not to worry I have a cunning plan'

Now if you ever hear a sheep say that last phrase then you should be very afraid as usually things can go very wrong.

So later that that night after the sun had set, the sheep surrounded the farm house, it looked very quiet in the house, not even the mice were stiring.

'Right so I have to go in there and nabb a piece of paper and a pen' barked one of the sheep in a orderly fashion. 'Butter cup and Randy give me the all clear'

'Righteo Sean' they bleated.

Sean was the most adventurous sheep, at time admittedly he was a bit gung ho a bit like a sheep variation of Rambo. he always had to take charge of every situation

'All clear'

Sean crept forward through the front door that had bee left a jar. creeping through the house he bundled into things, because you see sheep dont have very good balance. Easy does it he thought to himself as he poked his head into a low lit room, with a flickering TV and a thick tweed couch that held up both of of Maybelienes parents who were fast asleep, slumped together.

Sean eyed a small office desk in the corner, which had a pad of paper and pen out on top. 'Bingo' he said to himself as he edged towards the desk, snatching pen and paper. But of course sheep dont have hands, so you imagine that picking things up are quite difficult.

There was an almighty crash as he had flung himself at the desk. Luckily for Sean Maybelienes parents were still fast asleep on the couch. Maybelienes parents are really heavy sleepers, so heavy that they have slept through hurricanes and earthquakes. you name it they have slept through it, aeroplane crashes.

Phew he thought to himself that could have bee close.

He managed to nab a pen and piece of paper in his mouth and pass by Maybelienes room. Her door was open and Sean poked his head through into her room, casting his eyes over her sleeping body on a thick sagging bed that was struggling to contain the mattress that she lay on.

Bless her, she really is trying her best he thought to himself with a fond heart. maybelienes room was no different to any ordinary girls room really with photos and posters of her idles strewn all over her walls.

He then noticed both Buttercup and Randy peering through a window opposite the bed, he signalled for them to leave as he turned to make his way out of the house.

The very next day Dawn came around as per usual, waking up everbody with its morning sunshine. Sean organised the sheep so that they could write the letter, he had several sheep hold down the piece of paper whilst he grappled the pen in his mouth, he made it look like the sheep were grazing.

Sean had deployed Randy and Buttercup as look outs as they were pretty much the only sheep in the flock who were good at alerting the other sheep of any danger.

'right how should we start this letter?' Sean asked the other sheep

'I think most humans start with the word dear,dont they?'

Sean just stood thinking for a few seconds, 'Dear, Der, Dear, der, dear, or Der, Dear Der' was floating through his head, as he proceeded to write the letter. As you could imagine the writing was pretty shaky,I mean have you ever written with your mouth. It was like an endless mind game for Sean.

well anyway he carefully guided himself around the letters.

'I swear those sheep are up to something!' said Maybelienes dad staring out of the kitchen window across the sheep field.

'In what way dear?' queried his wife who was serving up breakfast

'I dont know! but they are acting a bit weird' he said staring at Maybeliene as she hoofed down the breakfast which consisted of maple waffles and syrup.

'Maybeliene make sure you chew propperly because we dont want you getting that gut rot again.

These words went un noticed as she pile driven food down her throat.

'Right I am off to play with the sheep' she said before sprinting out of the door.

'Quick hide the letter' shouted Randy and Buttercup as they could see Maybeliene running towards them in scary abundance of glee.

This facial expression dear reader would strike fear into most animals hearts, as she set about playing with the sheep until the evening.

The Evening came about and the sheep huddled together.

'Right,this is the finished letter' said Sean producing a scruffy piece of paper covered in shoddy writing, it wont be made clear what was written until later in the story.

'How are we going to get this to him?' asked one of the other sheep.

'Well' Sean paused for thought @We are going to hav e to deliver it to him ourselvs aren't we' he said puffing out his chest.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Passing Of A Dear Friend

This next post will follow on from events that happened after my hospital incident. Because if it wasn't enough having nearly died in hospital, then what was about to happen was a lot worst. It was worst because it was unpredicted and happened suddenly.

I am talking about the death of a friend, which triggered off a whole series of events which nearly tore my family to pieces.

This is something which I haven't really properly talked about with a lot of you. So this may be a bit hard to read, so I am going to do my best to sum up the whole situation.

So here goes, my parents decided to lease out half of the house in Horsley to a popular young family, the Harvey Lewis's. They were, Chris and Imogen, with two children Kit and Jake, they were the kind of family that was almost instantly endorsed in the whole village. My parents saw a younger version of themselves, because they threw themselves into all sorts of things.

They were really great to have around, largely because of having someone like Chris around it helped me ease tensions that had arisen between me and my dad. I think this might have something to do with the fact that dad kind of was feeling that he had been a bad parent to me because he did not know how to relate to me. so Chris was a bit of a meditative personality for me, her helped us understand each other so that we would not be cross with each other, I will admit to being a complete hopeless slacker at the time.

Chris was really heavily involved with helping out a local theatre group called Fair Game, who were a started up by local villagers with an aim to provide theatre that had ethical messages behind it which they would take to schools and stuff.

Their first play was about chocolate and the slave trade that many of the producers like kraft use.

Chris used to help them out with the lighting and sound effects, often at times doing narration for their stories. it was whilst he was working for them that he suffered with Anyuerism to the head.

If you don't know what an anyuerism is, it is when a blood vessel bursts because it has been putt under pressure. So basically he was out with the Theatre group at a School when he suddenly collapsed. The thing about Ayuerisms is that there is no way that you can predict when they are going to happen, its like all internal ilnesses you cant predict anything.

You see when I got a call from my Mum saying something had happened I thought to myself it cant be something that serious, it was only the next day when she came to see me in bristol that I got and idea that it was pretty bad. My Mum is usually a pretty cheery character, but that she was pretty cold and emotionally grey.

'They suspect he had an anyuerism bleed in his head' she said coldly as we were having lunch together. 'He may not make it through but if he does then he will be servierly brain damged'

'What is the likely hood of him surviving?' I asked .To which she replied 'The doctors think that it is pretty unlikely'

she placed a hand on mine and said 'We had better prepair for the worst'. This note struck a chord with me as I felt a cold chill.

That night I wrote a song about him called Shining Star, I still have the words somewhere I think, if I do the I will post them up. I had a little prayer because this sent me into turmoil of depression and self blame.

He was placed in a coma, where he was two weeks before he passed away. He was only about 18 years older then me, if he was around to day then he would only just about be 46 years old.

The whole anyuerism thing cast a massive cloud over the village community, things felt like we were started to be placed in a pressure cooker because of the uncertainty of if he was going to survive or not. My Mum would often go in and visit him reporting back on any progress.

I never went to see him in hospital because I was too scared to go anywhere near a hospital. it was only a matter of months after I had been there, in a coma and I didnt want to be reminded of it. And so because I didnt have the nerve to go and see him on his death bed, I kind of blamed myself for his death, i probably shouldnt have, but with the two events so close together I couldnt help but feel what I did.

There was a massive amount of strain endured by my parents around this point, you could just feel tension running out. I mean my parents celebrated their 25th wedding aniversary and joint Birthday Party, even though the event was supposed to be fun, I felt an on running sense of frustration in-between my parents.

There was a lot of stress going on and emotional problems for my parents, I found it really hard to speak to people at the time, you I was a really shy reclusive person, who had little or no social skills at the time.

I was lucky I was at Access To Music at the time par taking in a 3 year course studying in Contemporary popular music in Bristol. so I was lucky that I was not in the cauldron, litteraly it did feel like a cauldron, I would go back to my parents on the weekends because I would get home sick.

The place felt like a valley of death, all emotions were stale. I missed his funeral due to going on a pre arranged skiing holiday with my Mum and my Sister. I think dad couldnt help but feel a kind of frustration.

On the day of his funeral, I had a bad anxiety attack in the worst possible place to ever have one, on top of a mountain about 35,000 feet above sea level, this caused me to go nearly careering off the mountain. I guess that would have been quite some way to go out. My confidence was shot to pieces.

So for me I never got to say good bye to someone really close to, which heaped the sense of self blame on myself and poured pressure on my parents relationship. Things soured pretty quickly, it is amazing to see how quickly the tide can turn on people really, because one moment my parents were lauded as heros of the village and the next moment they were public enemy number 1.

This was partly due to my mum evicting Imogen and the kids, this maybe seen by some as an over reaction. But she hated the feeling of there being no let up in the tension, she also evicted them because she feared loosing my dad her husband, because as per all males pretty much have the soft spot for younger women. She felt very threatened.

You know the whole sticks and Stones, may break my bones but words will never hurt me malarkey, well I tell you from my experience words can lethal weapons especially when you are in small village then words travel very fast. mounting pressure from who you thought were your friends turned their backs.

This is kind of how I felt as my parents separated for 6 months, I felt a grey ness mixed up bag of what I should probably be feeling and what I was actually feeling. I felt hurt by people because I could over hear little whispers hear and there and back stabbing words.

It was a really hard time, because I could over hear my parents rowing in the kitchen below my bedroom sometimes. This made me scared to go down stairs because I didn't know what whirlwind was going to hit me, so I would often hide myself away writing down lyrical notes on pads of paper which my parents would fins scattered around the place.

I didn't feel like I had a voice, you wouldn't believe it now with the amount of noise I can make. I used to just hide behind the drum kit hitting them hard, I hit them real hard, so hard you could hear across the valley.

It was during this period that I created my rap personality Manic F, as in all the gigs I would talk about this period on a track I called Wanted In The Valley Of Death, where I would talk about the feelings of self doubt. I felt that the villagers to a certain extent blamed me for his death, although they probably didn't.

I guess I tried to use music as an anger management tool, because I was really reeling, or maybe still am.

I saw his brother about a year or two ago, both Chris and his brother were huge music fans, especially when it came too chill out music or psychedelic rock. I was at a Secret Machines gig in the Thekla where he turned up. I couldn't bring myself to speak to him. I actually had quite horrific flashback during that gig of me in Hospital and actually had a mini freak out panic attack sort of thing.

I guess this is kind of a bit hard to understand, but hopefully this will have cleared a few potential things up!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hospital Drama

Ok so some of you, may have heard this story and you might have heard me talk about this a lot. So I am sorry if I annoy you. its just that I have been in a bit of an emotional mood recently, this is partly due to being a bit lonely in some way. Some of the stuff I am going to write about in this post may be a bit close to the bone yet again with honest things.

So basically this is the story of what happened to me in the tail end of 2002, I came really close to dieing on the opperation table at Gloucester Royal Infermarie (I am not sure if I spelt that word right or not!).

About two months after my 20th Birthday I fell really ill from Appendicitus, It felt like I was being stabbed in the stomach because the pain was seathing. I don't know if any of you out there have had appendicitis, if you have then you would probably understand what the pain is like!

what happened to me was a complete changing period in my life, I can remember the fear I had when my Mum had to drive me into hospital. Not only was I deep in agony but I also had blood poisoning at the same time. This was causing me to feel very shaky and my skin to go an off yellow colour.

I have never been a big fan of hospitals, I dont think anyone really is a fan to be honest. I especially got a really bad feeling where I could just sense something was going to go wrong.

This feeling wasn't helped by the fact that the doctor who was trying to get my blood sample took 7 times to get the right vein. I was already pretty queasy with needles, but this made things a lot worst, especially as my muscles tensioned.

I can remember saying to my Mum that I thought something was going to wrong, she just said 'Now now we cant have you like this, you are going to be fine' she said reassuringly. 'Will I be able to watch the fa cup game', I know this was of little consequence to what was about to happen, but I was a massive Forest Green Rovers fan and didn't want to miss the chance to see my team in the fa cup

But as it proved to be something did go wrong and almost fatally so. I was admittedly fearing the worst when the anaesthetist came round to see me before surgery.

All i can say is the surgery was a pretty bad botch up of an opperation, I think that there were several flaws in what they did, the most major one was that they misjudged the muscle relaxant I would need. I am a pretty strong guy, I know I dont flash my muscles around, but i am a lot stronger then you think.

So it gets to the point where they are lets say half way through the operation, where the anaesthetics start to wear off this meant that I had a sudden muscle spazzm and for me to become semi concious.

I remember seeing a light and a franrtic face staring at me with, a level of stress. You see they had also just found my appendix next to my liver. My muscle spasm had caused me to bight onto the air tube causing my lungs to flood with fluid. so i was effectively drowning on the operating table. Now you could probably imagine what this was doing to my already over powered liver.

what a way it would have been to die, at 20, not really having had much of a life.
So they plunged me into a coma like state to help ease my breathing and so they could put me into recovery, this lasted for 3 days.

I can remember waking up coughing up red roughage as my eyes were jolted into action. The bright lights shone light white halogens, causing scratching in my eyeballs. There were relieved looks on the face of five shaky looking figures that surrounded me. I think there might have been some form of comforting words coming in my direction as they pored over me. My brain froze me, a sterile thought passed on through this head, which was blocked with congestion.

“What time is the FA Cup game on?” I said, without realising I had been knocked unconscious for three days solid.
I screamed, “Show me the game on the TV!”
My parents’ flat lined honesty was met by a growing frustration.

“Show me the game on the TV,” I barked with a dogged sense that I was right.
At the time, I was a hardened fan of Forest Green Rovers who were a facing a South West derby in the FA cup against Exeter City. My appendicitis had conveniently decided to kick off that weekend, making me pale and shake like a dilated alcoholic. Because of the placement of my internal organs, my liver was at risk of being flooded out.

That, aided by the surgeon’s general incompetence, nearly forced me into an early grave. At the tender age of twenty it would be too early to snuff out life’s candle. How easy is it for fully trained anaesthetists to get it so horrifically wrong? Their ineptitude led to me biting on the air tube dangling down my throat. My lungs flooded with dripping fluid as my muscles spasmed faster than you can shout ‘Jumping Jack.’ All I could remember was a bright light and the sound of panicking surgeons pushing me back to sleep.

The sense of my awakening brought about a huge wall-like sigh of relief. My eyes met their smiling faces with a bemusement before an irritating noise kicked into my ears coming from the gas machine pumping out the air. A mechanical clanking started to sound like an eighties dodgy European hair metal band.
“Turn it off!” I screamed, pulling the gas mask from my face, “That Helloween is rubbish.”

My parents slammed the mask back on my face as my eyes began to drowse sleepily.
“I do not need that!” I screamed, rabidly plucking it off my face.
“Your breath is weak and you’re very ill,” spoke a stick thin man who was taking my observations.

My Mum was sat by my side, serving me up crushed ice as a form of nourishment as I was unable to eat anything. My muscle strength was something less than depleted as three days in a comatose state had left me feeling empty, like a rotting corpse ready to hit the hay. My life was floating when a sense of fear drifted over me as I was wheeled off. My parents walked either side along with my sister, who had made all the doctors blush because of her low cut tops. Having her appear over my bed was kind of refreshing, rejuvenating the link between us because there had been something missing for a while.

They wheeled me into the intensive care unit. A place where you feel death grow as the bleeps from the heart monitors signal another person’s dying breath. This had me lingering in thoughts of desperation as the day turned into night. I tried to sleep but a mixture of the paranoia of being on a hospital ward and vivid hallucinations from the hospital drugs tripping me out kept me wide awake, playing like a weird dream cross between a psychotic mass rave and a dodgy romance film. You know, like a cheap Patrick Swayze Ghost style rom com, with Kenny G providing the soundtrack with the sort of music that would send any right-minded person up the wall. This is the effect of five different types of penicillin and Morphine mixed together to make a Molotov of hallucinations. I kept on having weird visions of mud moulded animals and surreal structural shapes, with me as some form of leader, which was bizarre.

The following day there was worrying talk floating around of me possibly needing to have a tube inserted into my throat because I was struggling to breath. This really worried me in my frail position, but as day turned to night there was something in the air. The night staff decided to try the Patch Adams method out on me by laying on a night of entertainment. Now you can imagine the drugs mixed with the night’s goings-on had some resoundingly profound effects on me. Including one such bizarre nightmare involving two of the doctors who I swear were evil scientists. I thought that they were trying to turn me into a serial killer by using the giant gas mask strapped around my face to project visions. Starting off with gentle images gradually getting more and intense, something similar to the torture scene from A Clockwork Orange.

I didn’t know what they were doing, but, hey, it seemed to be working as there were weird messages telling me to calm down. Whilst taking in stronger breaths, I could feel a sense of victory peeling off. My miraculous recovery was nothing short of spectacular and I had managed to stun the surgeons who were fully prepared to push a tube down my throat, because I was not only smiling but I was sat up out of my bed.
This gave a feeling of power as I laughed in the surgeons’ faces.

“Pah hahahaha” I spluttered at their inexplicable glumness written all over their speechless faces. I had a new fight installed, a new determination not to be plagued by the bleeps from the heart monitors. Their hollowed sounds had been plaguing me like the locust on any crop, constantly pushing me down with the worry of being at death’s door.

That same day my gran phoned up the hospital to see how I was getting on, with which I shouted out loud and clearly that I was going to be out of this place tomorrow, of course I wasn't. It was this steely sense of determination that aided my recovery.

Now I looked up with a golden horizon, everything did not seem quite so grey in the world. it took me about a week for me to recover enough to be taken home. I had to re learn one or two things because my muscles had forgotten how to do certain things like, how to eat, because had been placed on Nil by mouth this meant all the vital nutrients I needed from food was piped into me.

I had to learn how to balance again, because my muscles from the waist down had been completely out of use for the past few days. so walking was a bit of an issue.

My mum and Dad came and saw me on regular occasions, my dad even cried because he was scared of loosing me 'your not supposed to die before me he said, and I was really scared we were going to lose you' he said in a very sensitive tone

This was probably the first time that my dad had really opened up to me, I smiled at him and reassured him everything was ok.

My sister came into see me a couple of times this pleased the male staff because she had a habit of wearing low cut tops and lets just say the female side of my family are quite well en-dowered.

I tell you the day I was finally released I was so relieved to be home!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Christmas Break

Hello everybody, Well Christmas came and went pretty quickly, it has this annoying habit of speeding up every year, its like as people say that things come around faster the older you grow. Even if you want things to slow down, then they wont.

It kind of has this nasty habit of doing this to us, especially me. I feel that sometimes life is like a meteoroid hurtling through time and space faster then you can say jumping Jack has spazm attack.

As per usual Christmas gave me a much needed break, for solitude and pesimism to escape me, as my body had become weary with all the activities of 2010. I mean this on a serious note, the week before I went away to my parents I had made myself really mentally unstable, this was of course due to lack of sleep.

I was yoyoing in-between emotions, generally sparking full on pandemonium. from secound to secound my moods swang from overly hyperly positive and down right narcissistic pessimism. I think this partly may have something to do with kind of getting heart broken by another one of my crushes, I really should no better but hey I am me forever a dreamer.

Its like as if in my head I have what I call crystal chandelier fantasies, where I place sed person in my head, now I know I am not the only person that does this.
I know loads of people who fantasised about other people.

I know people have built entire carriers on the fact that people fantasise, just look at the world of celebrities and adult stars, most of them are sold on the premises of fantasy.

Its perennial their grass is greener then mine state of mentality, that we tend to eye upon a lot of people, with various kind of band wagons which they are paraded in front of us. When in truth they are probably about the same in greenness.

I know I have been waffling on for quite a bit for the last little while about absolute nonsense, but this is how my mind works, its a many random thing.

So getting back on my original subject, my Christmas. Went down to my parents in Plymouth. Yes, I fled these leafy greens of Bristol to the Leafy Plymouth, or leaky Plymouth as it is really out on the sea front.

As per usual I turned up at my parents in my impressive state, head hanging on a 45 degree angle, eyes bleeding from lack of sleep and body shaking. These are some of the side effects I tend to suffer, when my body pays me back for the past year.

But boy I was in an emotional mess, my parents as per usual just wrote off as me being one of those kind of states, that they usually pick me up in. I mean I love my folks to bits they have helped me out so many times its un believable.

My parents are the kind of people who also really know how to build a community spirit where ever they are, they have taught me many valuable lessons, even if they do come across to some people as being a bit odd. For instance not many people would have a bonfire out in the snow, but hell yes my parents and I did and it was amazing.

So they treated me royally especially with my Sister not being around, to be honest I do get pretty spoilt. They got me an ipod shuffle for my main present with which it is currently loaded with lots of Ian Dury and Iggy Pop stuff.

I have tend to visualise the bands playing the songs, right in-front of my eyes when ever I hear them on record, I can see the colours and the patterns that the melodies or the guitar noise can make.

I also realise that different sounds have different effects on me, for instance listening to What A Waist by Ian Dury put me in a positive mood because not only is it a great song by one of England's greatest song writers but you can sense that his parents saw him as a bit of disappointment and the struggles with life, it puts me in a positive mood listening to his punk style joy de vie.

Where as Raw Power by the Stooges really turns me on in a kind of sexual way, because there are some guitar sounds which have an automatic turn on device to me. If there are any girls out there reading this that wanted to lure me into their place with music then give me Igg Pop and the Stooges b or MC5 because the sound of guitar feedback makes me go wild. I admitedly will probably start drawling which aint too attractive

You probably didn't want to read that last paragraph, I wouldn't blame you if you were throwing up in slop bucket on reading it. Its a probably a bit of a sick thought that may haunt quite a few of you out there.

Walking around listening to my ipod did remind me how much I get sucked into the sounds, I quite often find myself pretending to be the front man of which ever artist is blaring in my ears. I have tendencies to get really carried away, even ever now and the breaking into little dance moves.

Its fair to say I got quite a few weird stares from people, i even had one guy point at me 'Hey mate there's Widow Twankie' as I strutted my stuff past him on the Plymouth High st.

Around Christmas time I found out that I tend to turn into a demented 12 yr old whos been locked in a sweetie shop, especially if there are any fair ground rides about. You see I am attracted to things which flash bright colours and are fast moving in spinning actions.

When ever I see fair ground rides, its fair to say that my attention focus is like dog with squirrel, i could be having a deep conversation with someone, and then all of a sudden must stair at big swing arm thing with red and green lights, ooow it goes really high up and down, spin spin spin, oooow.

You probably think I am completely stoned, but I reassure you this is my perfectly normal behaviour, yes really acting my mental age in its full swing, and of course I must go on the rides even if they make me chunder a pale shade of blue.

This I know is all completely over the top and stupid, but boy aint it fun, even though I am actually sitting hear, thinking what will become of me in 2011, who knows, there are one or two things I would like to see happen, It would be nice to find someone I can share special experiences with, ie like a girlfriend and also be paid to do some of the stuff I do.

But what ever happens I wish everyone out there a successful 2011