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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Maybelienes Sheep part 3

Sheep happen to be very lucky animals, as they had just stumbled across the house that Tom lived in.

Sean stared down at the house, with his eyes twitching taking in every detail. he noticed that was a big widow open in the roof of the house, which also just happened to be above toms bed.

He paused for thought as a stiff breeze ruffled through his neck, 'How do we get down there?' he was thinking.

'How are we going to get the letter down there?' asked the other sheep.

Now sheep arent just lucky animals, but they are also are quite excellent at hauding things. They would often raid the farm shed usually taking the entire contents that they would sneak out tools hidden under their wool.

The sheep were so crafty that Maybelienes family did not notice them sneaking out of the farm shed, I mean seriously they would not notice a thing. Maybelienes dad would often moan about having to go and replace all the tools in his shed.

'who are these damn fiends?' ho would often shout out loud at the sight of a freshly emptied shed. this would often cause him to go into a stress because it meant that he had to go into the land of somewhere to find replacements.

Of course no one would expect an animal like a sheep to take his tools for they are flea bitten animals.

Sean had earlier raided the farm shed, and he had come across a large roll of rope

'well, I have an idea!' he said puffing out his chest 'you see this long pile of rope I have this long role of rope'.


'And you see that tree over there over hanging the cliff' he said pointing to a burnt out tree that over hang the edge of the cliff.

'Yes' pondered the other sheep

'Well with this rope and all of your strength then you can lift me. and i bet that trees strong enough to take my weight' he said eyeing up the tree.

'Yes and'

'Well you can tie me up in the rope cant you?'

'Ah yeah'

So they set about trying to tie Sean up in the rope. now as you can imagine for a creature with no hands then tying things up are quite difficult, infact it almost turned into mission impossible with various sheep almost choking because of getting the rope caught around their necks as they were trying to hold Sean down.

'Keep steady Sean'

'Ah your strangling me' he said almost furiously as he he started to buck around.

after a while he was successfully tied up all ready to be lowered down the cliff. all of the other sheep grappled the rope in their mouths, even the lambs who could hardly even fit the rope in their mouths were grappling hold of it!

The tree helped take the strain of the rope as they were ready to lift Sean up into the air.

'Are you sure this can take your weight Sean?' asked randy looking inquisitively at the burnt out

'of course it will' he said with careless I know every thing tone in his voice


'Well I am not that heavy I am as light as feather1' now this was certainly an understatement as even though Sean was quite light the last time he was weighed, it was a year ago.

Maybelienes dad used to weigh the sheep once a year, just to keep for records sake. its fair to say Sean had put on quite a bit of weight. He secretly had quite a sweet tooth and was addicted to Chcolate Chip Cookies, he couldnt resist having a nibble on them.

he would often go in search of them in the farmhouse kitchen, leaving behind a messy state in the kitchen he was completely addicted.

So the sheep heaved and just about managed to lift Sean off of the, and Sean then managed to swing himself so that they could lower him down.

'Right now thrn lower me down nice gentle please?'

and so they lowered Sean down the cliff face

'Watch it!' shouted sean as he was almost in inadvertently swung into the Cliff face

sean was admitedly starting to be overcome by the feeling of responcibility as he could see the open window on the roof of the house getting nearer and nearer.

He felt like as if it was starting to become a now or never style situation, there was no bottling it now!

Running through his head were a myriad of thoughts, like is this the right place? and can I really carry this off?

As the window came closer his ears began to be pinned back with fear and a nervouse tension.

He quite literally squeezed through the open window, he could see a young lad lying on a scruffled bed.

toms room was your adverage lads room really, messy with clothes piled everywhere ans posters of various idols lined his walls.

Sean was lowered down so he hovered only inches above the bed. Sean then span himself around so he could drop the letter on a near by bedside cabinet and so he dropped the letter off

'I'm ready hoist me up' he hollered up at the other sheep.

Now sheep can be a little slow at reacting to things sometimes, so they let him hang for a while.

This could admittedly been quite embarrassing, as he was hanging only inches above toms head, I mean what would have happened if he had waken up with Sean hovering above his head. it could have been really embarrassing
'Oi get me up' he shouted

And after while they hoisted him up, thwacking his head against the frame of the open window.

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