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Saturday, 6 November 2010

pollitics and prosthetics

I tell you one thing wearing a tuxedo does do for me is that it gives me a sense of self belief!, I mean i might whilst wearing it be able to bring up some very powerful things, like break down the doors and rules.

Well maybe only a bit, but it could possibly give me a voice to be proud of and speak out for what I believe in.

I mean I am someone who traditionally fears power, though i don't know if there is actually anything traditional about it. its like as if the sort of thing that over hangs me like my worst nightmares.

I guess the reasons why I fear power is simple really, because I think it is natural for us all to fear change. I mean look at the Torrie party their still the same liars with too many fingers in so many back handed pies.

I mean I may well at times be stating the obvious, as if in most of the major main stream politicians cant really truthfully reflect upon entire constituents voices. that would be Nye on impossible, could you imagine what that could do to a politicians psychiatric state?

It would be interesting to see if they could battle all the voices, if not be a bit like asking a mentally deranged schizophrenic, who's voice is more powerful. I know not all politicians are mentally deranged, its just that there seems to this eticate of almost anti socialistic class ism going on.

For me there is no such thing as clean politics and I don't think there ever was. OK I don't know too much about our political history, that's because I am only 28 years old and there is plenty more for me to learn about things like politics.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all live in the world where we could all see the truth. It would be great wouldn't it!, I mean you cols have an honest Torrie party, instead of being lead by the cheating selfish bullying scavs that they are.

T o me they seem to have a school yard behaviour where they seem to all bitch slap each other, about who is more Eton then the other, do you remember that joke Gordon Brown, back fired a bit on you didn't it considering you went to somewhere similar didn't you.

Forgive if I come across being a bit biased with my views, but i feel that the Animal farm style of politics leading this country has got to change, and not just in the way that the mainstream governments seem to think.

I am not quite sure who to go about shaking up a revolution, because not one person can really speak for other people in expressing their views.

To me this were the big problem lies. its not so much the little men in the parties that ought to be feeling our Roth but those who are the greedy pigs at the helm. I mean you can just seem them all smarmerly battering back questions whilst selling us false things. Its like Mc Donalds trying to sell themselves as an ethical family company or that their food was good or healthy.

I mean I think we are being forced fed into being a state where there will be no questioned asked. I know that's a difficult thing to express but I feel as one person a voice can easily over washed by not being listened too.

So many industries are being pushed to the brim and education costs are soaring, so that present or future generations can not afford to, all this just seems to conspire a huge wedge in the class line dividing society.

All sense of invention is being destroyed, its like as if they are teaching us to be embarrassed to be individual. very body is being judged as a statistic, i would probably be placed in the pile marked unusable, because

This may come across as being all big words and gob shite coming from someone who could not hold down a job for more then a few days. I admit it and hold my hands up that I am a hopeless dreamer, maybe dreaming of things far beyond my reach, like the reformation of the Monster Raving Loony Party.

Well at least we could have the possibility of having a good circus act running the show, instead of the moronic humourless clowns we have running the country now. i mean how much more interesting would it make politics, to have much missed Screaming Lord Such Character exposing some opponents for not practising what they preach.

I use the word some in there with a bit of caution, because we don't want brainless renegades like the BNP spouting their mouths. for those of you who had the misfortune of seeing their flyer for the last campaign, it was possibly one of the scariest things I had ever seen. It basically consisted of lots nazi photos of white German people, basically trying to portray the BNP as a family friendly party.

That was quite frankly horrible in its look, but wouldt it be funny to see them try an apply their policies. I mean their whole thing is really fatally floored, because if you did not read their manifesto then they believed all people who are related to immigrants should deported.

well that would mean that we would be evicted, because it only takes a brief glance at our history books to realise we are all illegal immigrants in some way or another! I mean we have been invaded by pretty much every country.

I mean if I ran the country in the perfect world, I would teach people love each other and create a beautiful world, with beautiful creatures.

In my opinion there would be no Torrie, BNP or EDL parties preaching their pornographically perverted power hungry and senseless idiotdomes.

I mean any party that preaches on the destruction of industries or racial in-equalities consist of people who should be confined to the loony bins. where they could get treated by so called special people in a very special way!

I think that something like the treatment would be using a straight jacket.

In the end you could probably just say that I have been frustrated by the belittling feelings I get from this country's leaders, also wouldn't it be great to have an atheist leader.

a leader that could question things about religion, you know like ask the pope about some of his friendly Nazi like, oppressionistic rules, i mean I am not condemning people for believing in various faiths, its just why do we have to pander various personalities to be political leader?

I love the bible stories, i think they are great literature but they are nothing more then good fiction stories, at least we have the freedom of choice weather to believe them or not. if people believed the stories of god creating the world in 7 days, then we can at least write them off as being complete nut Jobs. I mean we already have one Christine O'Donnel, do we really need another one?

If you don't know Christina O'Donnel is then i would advise you to go on Youtube, she is the ultimate god squad clown and leader of the Tea Party movement in tha states. She is quite frankly terrifying, I mean the video where she protests against masturbating is hilarious. Her claims that Aids meds are getting too much money to develop worthwhile treatments, is just really shamefullly bad. I bet god is up there somewhere hanging his head.

My one question for her existence is who the hell gave birth to that nut job, i sure hope they had a lot of things to loosen then up, because I bet she was a tight one

Hell maybe I really should give it a go, you never know it might be a popularised thing and maybe challenge peoples perceptions.
Well at least I would look good in my tux!

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